Clear PVC pipe systems

Clear PVC Pipe

This post is about our Clear PVC Pipe Systems

Clear PVC is not optically clear like acrylic tube, however it is far more robust and rated for pressures the same as other industrial pipe.

Eviclear® Imperial Range

Our Eviclear imperial (inch) clear PVC pipe and fittings are manufactured at a specialist facility in North America to schedule 40 standards. Eviclear pipe and fittings have WRAS approval for use in drinking water systems and equipment.

Metric Range

The metric PVC pipe range consists of pipe only, but has the advantage of being far cheaper than imperial pipe. Many of our customers use metric clear PVC pipe in conjunction with standard grey pressure pipe fittings. This is particularly so for sight glasses.


We usually advise that sight glasses and indeed other installations manufactured from clear PVC pipe and fittings are built with unions either side. This is because in many systems there can be a gradual build up of solids, bacterial growth or algae on the internal pipe wall which will interfere with being able to view the process liquid inside. Using unions allows the section to be removed for cleaning or replacement.

Clear PVC PipeEnd cap for clear PVC pipe systems90 degree elbow for clear PVC pipe systemsTee piece for clear PVC pipe systems

If you would like more information about our clear PVC pipe and fittings please visit our clear pipe section in our online store.

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