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The Best Ways to Repair a Broken Piece of Pipe in Your Pipe System

There are a few different methods for replacing a broken piece of pipe in your pipe system. They depend on the amount of pipe movement your system will allow, how quickly you would need to get your system up and running again, and at what pressure your system operates at. Read this blog post to understand each method and help you decide which one suits you best.


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Video Demonstrating Resilience of Furniture Display Grade PVC

We have recently added a new range of coloured Furniture/ Display Grade PVC pipe and fittings to our website.

This video demonstrates the difference between standard PVC and Furniture/ Display Grade PVC pipe and fittings.


How to assemble plastic pipe and fittings

New videos on our YouTube channel, including a full description of how to cement plastic pipe and fittings together.


PVC Paint Video

A new video about our PVC Paint.


Distinguishing between BSP and NPT threads

NPT and BSP Threads in Plastic Pipe Systems