Residential Delivery

Why Do We Charge Extra for Full Pipe Lengths to Residential/Home Delivery Addresses?

Long rigid plastic pipe lengths are not straightforward to deliver. They require an extra long wheel base van for sizes over 1.25m, or in the case of 5m and 6m lengths, a 7.5 tonne truck at the very least, otherwise they will not fit. There are only two national carriers that will take such lengths and both of these charge a heavy surcharge for residential/home addresses as their operations are based on business to business deliveries.

If you can take your pipe in a shorter length (the pipe length will be cut into equal lengths shorter than 1.25m) we are happy to cut it for you and put it out for delivery with a company that is more designed to carry out home deliveries such as UKMail, DHL or UPS.

How Can I Avoid the Extra Delivery Charge?

If you need a longer length of pipe run than 1.25m, then it is often possible/cheaper to order an extra plain socket, to join two shorter lengths together, than pay the additional carriage.

If you would like to discuss delivery or delivery costs, please do not hesitate to contact us at Plastic Pipe Shop Ltd on 01786 472850.