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August Bank Holiday

We have a bank holiday coming up at the end of the month! Read this post to find out more.


Our Website Got A Make-Over!

We hope you like the updated look of our website! Read on to find out more about the change.


Our Website Survey

If you have purchased any of our products within the last couple of weeks, you'll have noticed that we have a survey pop-up at the end of the checkout process! Read on to find out why.


We Made a Light Tent with Our Furniture Grade Pipe and Fittings!

When we realised we needed a light tent for our product photography, we knew the only thing to do was to put our own products to the test! Read more to find out how it went!


We are Trialling Environmentally Friendly Bags

If you have ordered from us before, you will know that we have been delivering our products to you in polythene bags up until this point. Now, however, we are trying to be more environmentally friendly!


Our YouTube Channel

You might have noticed some informative videos dotted around our website - these come from our own YouTube channel, which is stocked with far more videos!

Read on to find out more.


More Helpful Information on Our Website

We have been adding more helpful information to some of our website pages! Read this blog post to find out more.




Clear PVC Pipe Systems

A description of clear PVC pipe systems including imperial and metric.



We have a new catalogue available!


We Now Have a Stock of Green Combi Slide Valves!

We have recently bought in a stock of large, green combi slide valves!


Our New Product Images

You might have noticed a change in our product images in the PVC category. We are currently in the process of updating the majority of our product images so that they all fit the same standard and are as accurate as possible, ensuring that our customers are confident they will be receiving the same product that they saw online.


The Best Ways to Repair a Broken Piece of Pipe in Your Pipe System

There are a few different methods for replacing a broken piece of pipe in your pipe system. They depend on the amount of pipe movement your system will allow, how quickly you would need to get your system up and running again, and at what pressure your system operates at. Read this blog post to understand each method and help you decide which one suits you best.


PVC Pipe Projects Website

If you love our furniture grade pipe but aren't really interested in the rest of our products, we have a sister company dedicated to the DIY market and furniture grade PVC's place within it! Read on for more information.


How to Measure Pipe Dimensions

Measuring the diameter of a plastic pipe might seem quite straightforward at first – you just measure the diameter of the pipe. However, it's important that you measure the right diameter with the right unit, so you can tell exactly what size it is, and make sure that when you're reordering fittings or more pipe, that you choose the right size.


Why You Should Use Unions

A union is a three-part fitting. The first part is a section which has a large thread on it and an O-ring inside which makes the seal. On the other side of this first part is a plain socket. The other half of the union consists of two parts: a union nut and a socketed section. The nut slides over the socketed section and, together, they pair up with the threaded section of the union. The O-ring sits against the flat surface of the socketed section to give you a good seal.


The Advantages of a Double Union Ball Valve

Double union ball valves have both advantages and disadvantages – figuring out where you need the valve in your pipe system and what kind of control you want to have over the flow will help you decide whether a double union ball valve is the right choice for you.


PVC Gate Valves

A PVC gate valve is quite a complex valve compared to more simple valves, like a ball valve, but is fantastic for fine control of flow. The wheel at the top of the valve has about eight/eight-and-a-half turns from fully shut to fully open, which allows for very small movements in the internal workings of the valve. This gives you fine control of your flow.


Video Demonstrating Resilience of Furniture Display Grade PVC

We have recently added a new range of coloured Furniture/ Display Grade PVC pipe and fittings to our website.

This video demonstrates the difference between standard PVC and Furniture/ Display Grade PVC pipe and fittings.


Connecting Metal Threads to Plastic Threads

We are regularly asked what is the best way to connect metal threads to plastic threads.

There are two main options. Firstly, using a standard threaded fitting and a metal thread, just to thread it straight on. The second option would be to use some special fittings, which are composite unions. With a composite union, there is metal on one side and a plastic socket on the other.


ABS Properties & Applications

ABS plastic has several characteristics that makes it the material of choice for many specialist applications. ABS has a high ductility, which is the ability to deform and reform to the items original shape. The best known application of this is in the use of ABS for making LEGO bricks.


Spears Gate Valves

Spears PVC gate valves are, in our opinion, the best valve for fine control of flow rates.

The handle has to be turned many times between fully closed and fully open states which gives the ability to set very accurate flow rates.


Assembling Vent Pipe Systems

PVC ventilation systems can be joined by either solvent weld, hot air welding, or using a temporary sealer such as silicone / mastic. PPS system can only be hot air welded.


Drainage Pipe Ratings

A summary of the difference in ratings between pressure and drainage or soil pipe.


An alternative to Durapipe

Alternative plastic pipe system to Durapipe