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Technical talk for metric pvc pipe

Inch and Metric Size Ranges

Our clear PVC pipe lengths are available in both imperial / inch and metric size ranges, however the fittings are only available in imperial (inch) sizes.

Both clear pipe ranges are available from stock and are manufactured to industrial specifications - DIN standard and Schedule 40/80

As can be seen from the above video, the pipe can have a slight greyish/blueish tinge to it, which is an unavoidable result of the manufacturing process.


Clear pvc pipe and fittings have a number of applications such as:

  • Sightglasses to inspect levels
  • Demonstration systems where the process can be viewed
  • Inspection for the presence of liquid such as in drain lines
  • Inspection of mixing in process lines
  • Creative projects for sculpture and the film and media industries

Please note that although we supply inch and metric size ranges, if you are building a clear system, you will be limited to inch sizes as this is the only range that has clear fittings. Both inch and metric sizes can however be used with grey industrial specification fittings as they are completely cross compatible.


Care should be taken when using solvent cleaner and cement on the pipe not to allow drips to be spilled onto exposed areas, as these are near impossible to completely clean off. This is due to the fact that the cleaner and cement are designed for slightly melt the plastic. Once glued, the cement can be clearly seen in the joint, but a level of transparency is retained.

UV Protection

Both clear PVC pipe an fittings will whiten with exposure to strong sunlight. The UV (ultra violet) spectrum of the sunlight causes a chemical reaction in the plastic, which will result in a white opaqueness. The speed and level of opacity development is dependent on the intensity and duration of sunlight and also the weathering pattern of the geographical area. We have tested our pipe and fittings outside over several years and find that in general, the process is a very slow one.

We can supply UV stable Clear PVC pipe and fittings, however these carry a blue / purple tint. These are only supplied to order and often with long lead times as they have to be specially imported to order.

It is therefore recommended that clear pipe and fittings are, where possible, protected from direct sunlight.


A transparent pipe that gives a clear view of the inside of the pipe only remains so if it is clean internally and externally. Whilst the latter is easy to control by washing dust and debris off, the former can be more difficult. A biological film of bacteria and/or algae can coat the inside of the pipe if the conditions are right, or, if the water contains fine particles, these can settle on the pipe wall. 

It is therefore recommended that clear pvc pipe is installed so that it can be removed for periodic cleaning. Using unions or flanges is the best way to achieve this. Unions and flanges are however only available in our standard grey pvc ranges.

Our clear PVC pipe and fittings are manufactured in Germany and the USA (Metric and Imperial)

If you would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us