Stockists & Distributors of PVC, ABS, CPVC & PE Pressure Pipe Systems,

Ventilation Pipe Systems, Industrial Hoses & Drainage Pipework to UK Industry.

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About us...

Plastic Pipe Shop Ltd are a leading UK stockist and distributors of industrial PVC, ABS, CPVC and PE pressure pipe and fittings, and PVC and PPS Ventilation Pipe Systems. As one of the very early adopters of online shopping cart systems, we have been supplying industrial thermoplastics both on and offline since 2004. Our sales team are very highly trained in technical aspects and many are either past professional pipefitters or pipe system designers. This enables us to provide sound and practical advice - if you're trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, our guys have probably tried before and can tell you how to best manage it.

Another way that we differ from most of our online competition in that we have our own warehouse and hold our own stock of PVC and other plastics, which we import directly from manufacturers in Europe and Asia. Sadly very few PVC, ABS or other pressure pipes and fittings are manufactured in the UK these days, however we make sure that we visit all of our suppliers, wherever they are in the world, to assure ourselves that they are manufacturing to the correct specifications and have a consistency of quality.

Since launching our online store back in 2004, with just a small basic range of PVC pipe and fittings, the internet and people’s use of it has changed dramatically. Here at Plastic Pipe Shop Ltd we have grown with the internet, through introducing a customer feedback system that now has over 700 reviews (with over 98% positive), quick order forms, a properly functioning part number search facility and more recently our blogs and YouTube instructional videos. Our aim online, is not to be the most fancy, trendy, up to date website, but with over ten thousand plastic pipework related products, is to provide an easy to navigate, intuitive site, which gives you the information you need without all the flannel!

In recent years we have also produced a printed plastic pipe systems catalogue - it's all well and good having everything online - but more often than not thumbing through a catalogue is still a lot quicker and easier! If you’d like one, just email or ring us and we’ll send one out to you.

Our aim is to supply a correct specification of plastic pipe and fittings. As well as stocking our own ranges in our warehouses, we also ship direct from, and have excellent relationships with most of the main manufacturer’s warehouses throughout the UK. If you require a specific manufacturer’s parts, be it PVC, ABS, PE pressure or ventilation we can source them for you at a very competitive price. This flexibility enables us to supply you, the customer with BS and DIN spec rated parts (produced in ISO 9001 facilities) that will perform the task you require to finish the job, even if they are out of stock at one or more suppliers. We know EXACTLY what it's like to be in the middle of a pipefitting job and, even with the best planning in the world, find that you are short a couple of components.

We have recently started a relationship with a North American manufacturer to bring “furniture quality” (which means nice and shiny as well as practical and functional!) PVC pipes, tubes and fittings to the UK, and now hold stocks of these at our main warehouse for next day delivery to 99% of the UK. The range includes several neat fittings such as 3 way and four way corners, crosses and slip tees.

Our range of pipe and fittings can broadly be split into four sections:

Industrial PVC (PVCU / UPVC), ABS and CPVC plastic pressure pipe systems, including pipes, fittings and accessories – Where we supply metric mm ranges (PN6, 10 & 16), UK imperial inch ranges (Class C, D, E & T), USA imperial inch ranges (Schedule 40, 80 & 120) and Clear PVC pipe ranges, in both metric and imperial.

PVC (PVCU / UPVC) and PPS ventilation and ducting – Where we supply the full range of HOKA and Beck duct fittings, as well as PPS and PVC vent pipe to match.

Flexible hose – Where we supply a range of high quality PVC and other plastics spiral suction and delivery hoses, layflat hose, clear braided hose and a range of couplings to match.

PE pipe and fittings - This is split into two ranges: Blue water pipe (sometimes referred to as alkathene) and compression fittings and GPS Black PE100 pipe, Electrofusion (EF) and long spigot fittings.

Delivery Costs

We do not profit from any of our delivery costs, if anything we provide this at less than cost price. Costly delivery to outlying areas has always been an issue and so we have recently resolved this by supplying plastic pipe in cut lengths (a free service), which enables us to use a small van carrier rather than a large truck.