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Furniture Grade Pipe and Fittings

These pipe and fittings, which also conform to SCH40, are ideal for construction projects such as:


Are These Size Compatible with Other Pipes?

Short answer - No. Furniture Grade pipe and fittings are manufactured to USA specifications and so are different internal and external diameters to other pipes you will find in the UK

What Makes These Pipes and Fittings Different to Standard PVC Pipe and Fittings?

  • Furniture pipe and fittings are manufactured with a formulation with added UV stabilisers that, as well as increasing their life span outdoors, makes for a more ductile material. This makes them physically stronger and less likely to crack under physical pressure. With the exception of snap clamps, which are UV stable for approx. 2 years. 
  • These parts and pipe are manufactured without any manufacturers' markings, making them much more pleasing to the eye.
  • The sockets of furniture grade fittings are more extended than normal pressure sockets and chamfered on the end, which gives them additional support, as well as improved aesthetics.
  • The finish on furniture/display grade fittings is more glossy than standard PVC pipe, and is protected from scratching during manufacture, packaging and transportation.

Schedule 40 Strength With Impact Resistant Formula

All our PVC furniture grade pipes and fittings are manufactured to North American Schedule 40 standards. This means they have a heavy duty thicker wall and are far more robust than standard plumbing pipes found in the UK. See the video below for a demonstration:

Special Colour Availability

The colours and sizes of furniture grade PVC pipe and fittings we show on our website reflect our current UK stocks. Other colours at all sizes are available to special order (typical delivery time 6-8 weeks depending on the shipment dates of our containers, minimum order £500 per product) and we are usually able to send colour samples on a next day delivery if required. Available additional colours include:

  • Bone - An off-white
  • Bronze - A mid-brown with a hint of sparkle
  • Grey - A light grey
  • Pink - A full-on, bright, hot pink
  • Purple - A rich, deep purple
  • Orange - A vibrant, stand-out citrus orange

Please contact our sales staff for more information.

Uses Only Limited by Your Imagination

It never ceases to amaze us how our furniture grade PVC pipe and fittings are used. Be they for school projects, film and production companies, horticulture, temporary shelters, works of art, model making and prototyping, clean room and medical equipment and of course, customised pieces of furniture.

PVC Furniture Grade Fitting Dimensions

Download pdf dimension data here.