"Furniture" / "Display" Grade Pipe & Fittings

These furniture / display grade pipe and fittings are ideal for construction projects such as:


What makes these fittings different to normal PVC pipe and fittings is that:

  • Furniture pipe and fittings are manufactured with a formulation with added UV stabilizers that as well as increasing their life span outdoors, makes for a more ductile material. This makes them physically stronger and less likely to crack under physical pressure. With the exception of Snap Clamps which are UV stable for approx. 2 years. 
  • These parts and pipe are manufactured without any manufacturers markings on making them much more pleasing to the eye.
  • The sockets of furniture grade fittings are more extended than normal pressure sockets, which gives them additional support, as well as improved aesthetics.
  • The finish on furniture / display grade fittings is more glossy and protected from scratching during manufacture than standard PVC pipe.