Dimensions of PVC & PPS Vent Fittings

vent pipe dimensions

Beck and Hoka Ventilation Systems

We are UK Distributors of Beck and Hoka Ventilation Systems for industrial applications:

  • Up to 500mm moulded diameters
  • Larger pipe and fitting diameters fabricated to order
  • Fabrication service for custom fittings, adaptors etc
  • PVC (PVCU) and PPS are stocked items
  • Other materials such as PVDF can be brought in from our suppliers in Germany or manufactured to order

Plastic Ventilation systems are used in many applications such as fume extraction, where corrosive gasses would otherwise quickly eat away at metal systems, and also areas with a high humidity, especially where corrosion accelerants such as chlorine and salts are present. Food and other high hygine production areas such as the semi conductor industry also often favour PVC, PPS or low static PPS (especially for the semi-conductor industry), as there is a reduced risk of contamination and/or condensation.