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PVC and PPS Ventilation Pipe and Fittings


Dimensions of PVC & PPS Vent Fittings

vent pipe dimensions

Beck and Hoka Ventilation Systems

We are UK Distributors of Beck and Hoka Ventilation Systems for industrial applications:

  • Up to 500mm moulded diameters
  • Larger pipe and fitting diameters fabricated to order
  • Fabrication service for custom fittings, adaptors etc
  • PVC (PVCU) and PPS are stocked items
  • Other materials such as PVDF can be brought in from our suppliers in Germany or manufactured to order

Plastic Ventilation systems are used in many applications such as fume extraction, where corrosive gasses would otherwise quickly eat away at metal systems, and also areas with a high humidity, especially where corrosion accelerants such as chlorine and salts are present. Food and other high hygine production areas such as the semi conductor industry also often favour PVC, PPS or low static PPS (especially for the semi-conductor industry), as there is a reduced risk of contamination and/or condensation.

In addition to supplying the pipe lengths, we also supply a full range of fittings such as elbows, tees, end caps and cowls from stock as well as being able to manufacture boots, saddles, adaptors and just about any other shape to order in a few days.

Lightweight and Large Diameters

PVC and PPS ventilation pipes are designed to be hung from roofs and ceilings. To reduce the stresses involved with hanging such pipes, which are often used in larger diameters than fluid pressure type pipes, they are manufactured with a much thinner wall than standard pressure pipes to reduce their weight. This also has the added benefit of reducing the material used and so keeps costs down.

The lightweight nature of PVC ventilation pipes makes them a firm favourite for many other applications other than ducting. For example they are widely used in the set design industry as they can be easily handled and, as the PVC can be painted, made to look like hefty columns or other items.