Objective of the Policy

Plastic Pipe Shop is committed to providing high quality products and services. We value complaints and feedback as they assist us to improve how we operate our business in the future. We pride ourselves on being responsive to the needs and concerns of customers and aim to resolve all complaints as quickly as possible. This policy has been designed to provide guidance to both our customers and staff on the way in which Plastic Pipe Shop receives and manages a complaint.

We aim to ensure that:

  • Making a complaint is as easy as possible
  • We treat a complaint as a clear expression of dissatisfaction with our service which calls for an immediate response
  • We deal with it promptly, politely and, when appropriate, confidentially
  • We respond in the right way
  • We learn from complaints, use them to improve our service, and review annually our complaints policy and procedures
  • Your complaint is investigated impartially with a balanced view of all information or evidence

Please note that we will not however, tolerate any abusive or discriminatory language or behaviour towards any of our staff. Any complaint of this nature may be rejected and not investigated any further.

Definition of a Complaint

In this policy the definition of a complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction by a customer relating to products or customer service provided by Plastic Pipe Shop.

How a Complaint Can Be Made

If you are dissatisfied with a product or customer service provided by us, you should in the first instance consider speaking directly with the staff member/s you have been dealing with to resolve the issue informally. If you are uncomfortable with this or consider the relevant staff member is unable to address your concerns you can lodge a formal complaint with us in one of the following ways:

  • By emailing us at [email protected]
  • By telephoning us on 01786 472850
  • By writing to us at the following address:
    Plastic Pipe Shop Ltd
    Unit 1 Craigs Leith Road,
    Broadleys Business Park,
    FK7 7LQ
  • Arrange in-person visit by speaking to any of our customer service staff
The Information You Will Need to Tell Us

During the investigation process, we will be using the information that we already have in our systems and what information you have provided us with. We may require further communication with you to clarify details or request more information if need be. When submitting your complaint, to ensure that the complaint is investigated quickly and efficiently, please provide the following contact details and information:

  • Your name and contact details
  • Your order details if applicable
  • The name of the person you have been dealing with if applicable
  • The nature of the complaint
  • Details of any steps you have already taken to resolve the complaint
  • Details of conversations you may have had with us that may be relevant to your complaint
  • Copies of any documentation which supports your complaint
Our Formal Complaint Process

Stage 1 - Acknowledgement

When we receive your complaint, we will send you a confirmation of acknowledgement within three working days.

Stage 2 - Review

We will review your complaint and determine if there is the need for additional information, clarity, or documentation. In this instance, we may need contact you further to gather the appropriate information. Please respond to us as soon as possible as we may be unable to continue to review the complaint in the meantime.

Stage 3 - Investigation

Within 15 business days of receiving your complaint, we will carry out a full investigation into your complaint. We will investigate the complaint carefully, objectively, and impartially. All complaint information will be handled sensitively and will only be shared with the necessary relevant parties. We will consider all of the information you have provided to us, as well as our actions in relation to the complaint and any other relevant information. If we experience any delay with the investigation, we will contact you to make you aware of this and regularly update you on the progress and the likely time frame for resolution.

Stage 4 - Response

Following our investigation, we will inform you of our findings and advise you of the outcome of your complaint.

Stage 5 - Action

Once a response has been given, we will amend our business practices or policies where necessary.

Stage 6 - Record

Details of the complaint and actions taken will be recorded in our systems to assist with monitoring and improving our service. Please note that your personal information will be recorded in accordance with our privacy policy and GDPR legislation.

If you have any questions or are unsure about our complaint policy and procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us.