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The Best Ways to Repair a Broken Piece of Pipe in Your Pipe System

There are a few different methods for replacing a broken piece of pipe in your pipe system. They depend on the amount of pipe movement your system will allow, how quickly you would need to get your system up and running again, and at what pressure your system operates at. Read this blog post to understand each method and help you decide which one suits you best.

How to Measure Pipe Dimensions

Measuring the diameter of a plastic pipe might seem quite straightforward at first – you just measure the diameter of the pipe. However, it's important that you measure the right diameter with the right unit, so you can tell exactly what size it is, and make sure that when you're reordering fittings or more pipe, that you choose the right size.


Video Demonstrating Resilience of Furniture Display Grade PVC

We have recently added a new range of coloured Furniture/ Display Grade PVC pipe and fittings to our website. 
This video demonstrates the difference between standard PVC and Furniture/ Display Grade PVC pipe and fittings.

Assembling Vent Pipe Systems

PVC ventilation systems can be joined by either solvent weld, hot air welding, or using a temporary sealer such as silicone / mastic. PPS system can only be hot air welded.


An alternative to Durapipe

Alternative plastic pipe system to Durapipe

How to assemble plastic pipe and fittings

New videos on our YouTube channel, including a full description of how to cement plastic pipe and fittings together.


Y Strainers save downtime

Y Strainers are an often overlooked fitting for a PVC pipe system. Strainers should be installed to catch the occasional bit of debris in a system. If you have a water supply which is constantly full of large particles, a larger, more substantial filter system should be installed. If your water source is generally clean has any possibility of being contaminated by biological matter, bits of string, cable ties etc swept from floors or gantries, or even a tool dropped into a sump, the fitting of a strainer in your line can be invaluable. With mesh sizes of 0.9mm in strainers up to 63mm, and 2mm in the strainers over that size, there is very little affect to water flow rates, pressures etc.

Pipework for hydro power systems

Some hints and tips when buying pipe for hydro schemes.

North American Plastic Pipe Specifications

An explanation of how North American plastic pipe specifications differ from those likely to be found in the UK and Europe


A description of PVC, PVCu and uPVC

Contractors Packs Introduced

Contractors packs of pvc pipe and fittings

HELP! How soon can I turn my system on?

We are often asked how soon a cemented plastic pipe joint can be put back into action - this post will hopefully help you

Cutting large diameter plastic pipe

A discussion of the best ways to cut large diameter plastic pipe

PVC or ABS Pipe - which is best for you?

A summary of the process to choose between using PVC and ABS pipe systems

Drainage System

The last ten years or so has seen a gradual fading out of pvc drainage pipe systems over 160mm.

How much glue/cement to use?

There are several trains of thought on how much glue / solvent cement a pipe and fitting require. This article gives information on how much solvent cement to use.

Operating pressures of different plastic pipe systems

What pressure is your system actually running at?

Tips on using Clear Pipe and Fittings

An explanation of how to get the best out of clear pvc pipe and fittings

Cross Atlantic Tunnel anybody?

Cross Atlantic Tunnel

Why PVC pipe glue will not fill gaps!

PVC pipe glue is designed to weld two closely fitting plastic pipe surfaces together. It should not be used to fill the gap whilst trying to make an imperial pipe fit into a metric socket.

Compatibility of Unions

Detailed information on which unions are compatible with each other

Distinguishing between BSP and NPT threads

NPT and BSP Threads in Plastic Pipe Systems

BSP Threads

Identifying and measuring threads on plastic pipe fittings.

Clear PVC Pipe Systems

A description of clear PVC pipe systems including imperial and metric.