How installing Y Strainers saves system dowtime


Y Strainers are an often overlooked fitting for a PVC pipe system. Strainers should be installed to catch the occasional bit of debris in a system. If you have a water supply which is constantly full of large particles, a larger, more substantial filter system should be installed. If your water source is generally clean has any possibility of being contaminated by biological matter, bits of string, cable ties etc swept from floors or gantries, or even a tool dropped into a sump, the fitting of a strainer in your line can be invaluable. With mesh sizes of 0.9mm in strainers up to 63mm, and 2mm in the strainers over that size, there is very little affect to water flow rates, pressures etc.

Strainers can be effective when deployed in many different locations;

  • Prior to pumps to prevent impeller fouling, which at best would lead to a loss in efficiency, and at worst damage the pump
  • Before fine control valves, such as solenoid and diaphragm valves, where particles can become lodged and cause leakage
  • In injector lines, where nozzles can become blocked

Some system designers will install two strainers with valves either side ( in the same way that you would duty / standby pumps). This allows the operator to shut one strainer off and remove the basket for cleaning, without interrupting the process flow.

Our PVC strainers have the following features:

  • Clear PVC body, which allows the operator to view the mesh and decide if/when the basket needs replacing.
  • Union ends, allowing easy fitting and, if required, removal.
  • A double O-ring sealed strainer cap, which enables rapid removal and replacement or cleaning of the strainer basket.
  • Polypropylene strainer basket - tough and long lasting.
  • Available in both metric and imperial sizes.

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