Imperial White Furniture Grade Wall Mounting

Furniture Grade Wall Fixing End Caps (2mins) - Summary available at bottom of page

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The mounting socket provides a really solid fixing, whether it’s for the floor, wall, or ceiling.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: 1 1/4" Fittings measure 42.2mm internally and are designed to take 1 1/4" Sch40 pipe which also has an outside diameter of 42.2mm. They are NOT compatible with plumbing / waste pipe commonly found in DIY and plumbers merchants.
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The wall fixing end cap, or mounting socket, is part of our furniture, display, grade range of pipe and fittings. It isn’t something which is used in standard pipe systems; however, it is regularly used when making structures, frames and furniture.

The wall fixing end cap is only available in the 1 ¼” size. It has a hole that goes all the way through the middle of the cap, and it has a heavy structure around the hole on the inside that reinforces it, so it is able to take a lot of force.

To use the cap, position it over the desired piece of wall, floor, or ceiling, and put a through-bolt, or anchor bolt, into the hole in the cap, and bolt it down to the surface. Then all you need to do is put the pipe into the end cap fitting, and the pipe will be secured in the fitting. The end cap provides a really solid fixing, whether it’s for the floor, wall, or ceiling, and the pipe won’t fall out, thereby allowing for a rigid structure built from that wall fixing.