Weterings Plastics PVC Pipe

Weterings Plastics PVC Pipe

UK Distributors for Weterings PVC Pipe

Plastic Pipe Shop Ltd are importers and main suppliers of Weterings Plastics PVC/PVCU pipe in the UK. All our metric 10 and 16 bar and imperial (inch) class C and D pipes are manufactured by Weterings Plastics.

About Weterings Plastics

Weterings Plastics is based outside Rotterdam in the Netherlands and was established over 75 years ago by Hank Weterings. It was involved in the very early stages of developing plastic extrusion machinery. This then led to the formation of a company to use this machinery to produce pipes and tubes to support the Dutch horticultural business. Today, Weterings Plastics is a major European supplier of PVC pipe to all types of industry.

Weterings Plastics has its own laboratory for pressure and materials testing, and a rigorous checking and testing regime operates throughout the production cycle. The company's management system is based on ISO9001-2000. Testing and conformance include the following:

Shock Resistance

To guarantee sufficient resistance to external shocks and impacts under normal operating conditions, Weterings PVC pipes are subjected to tests in accordance with NEN-EN921 and ESO3127.

Pressure Resistance

Weterings PVC pipe undergoes pressure testing in accordance with NEN-EN921 and ISO3127 to guarantee sufficient resistance to internal water pressure under normal operating conditions.


PVC pressure pipes are manufactured by Weterings Plastics using unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) alloyed with a calcium zinc stabilizer and filler. A pigment is then added to the raw materials to achieve a light grey, light proof colour.

Properties of Weterings PVC

Softening Point
Linear expansion coefficient
Elongation at break
Tensile strength 1 hour
Tensile strength 50 years
Permissible wall strength
Change in length, load at nominal pressure

Toxicity and taint

Weterings PVC pipe is tested and approved in accordance with the requirements of WRAS (Water Regulatory Advisory Service) in the UK and KIWA in Europe for approval for use in potable water systems. As well as testing for the leaching of any harmful chemicals into the water, the tests check for any taints or flavours passed into the water. In addition to these tests ensuring the PVC pipe is suitable for drinking water, they can also give assurance to those using them in other sensitive applications such as marine aquaculture and aquariums.

Chemical Resistance

Weterings state the following about the chemical resistance of their PVC pipe:

PVC is resistant to most alkalis, acids, salt solutions and water-soluble compounds.

PVC is not resistant to aromatic and chlorinated carbons.

Bespoke Pipe Specification Manufacture

Through our excellent trading relationship with Weterings, we can manufacture PVC pipe to your specifications, with non-standard wall thicknesses and colours. Minimum quantities apply in such situations, so please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist you.