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UK Distributors for Weterings Plastics PVC Pipe

Plastic Pipe Shop Ltd are authorised UK distributors for Weterings Plastics PVC pipe products. We carry large stocks of metric and imperial grey PVC and white PVC swimming pool pipe for next day delivery throughout the UK.

Weterings have been manufacturing and supplying irrigation and horticulture systems for over 75 years. Now split into two companies, the machinery is handled by Weterings Mechanisatie and the pipework (Weterings Plastics) has expanded into a major manufacturer of PVC pipe systems for all types of industry, and also manufactures LDPE pipe for drip irrigation, HDPE for geothermal energy and PP data cable protection shells.

Weterings PVC pipe is UK WRAS approved for drinking water systems and also meets all other relevant British and European standards.

How to Order Weterings PVC Pipe from Us

We supply Weterings PVC pipe as standard. There are only a few pressure pipe sizes we do not supply as Weterings and these are Class 7, Clear PVC and sizes above metric 200mm or imperial 4" for which we tend to supply Lareter.

We are able, should you require, to supply other manufacturers pipe; however, please note that this may carry a surcharge over our standard prices.

Weterings Pipe Systems

Weterings PVC pipe is used in any PVC pipe system where there is either pressure involved or a requirement for a strong pipe to resist mechanical damage. Their range includes single socket ended metric pipe fittings from 12mm to 200mm, plain ended imperial pipe from ½″ to 4″ and white pipe for the pool and spa industries.