Our YouTube channel, Plastic Pipe Shop TV, features over 100 videos made with the sole intention to help our customers - or anyone else needing advice - understand plastic pipe and fittings, their uses, and potential issues.

Our videos can cover specific products - such as PVC Y-strainers, EPDM rubber couplings, and furniture grade slip tees - or general advice, such as why you shouldn't build a system with all-threaded parts, or what might be causing your PVC pipe to melt.

You can watch these videos, made by our managing director who really knows his stuff, instead of phoning or emailing in, if you'd prefer, to learn more about plastic pipe and the products we sell; however, if one of our videos hasn't quite answered your question, or there isn't a video covering that specific topic, don't hesitate to contact our sales team who will gladly help you! Who knows, maybe your question will inspire a new YouTube video!