New product images for our website

You might have noticed a change in our product images in the PVC category. We are currently in the process of updating the majority of our product images so that they all fit the same standard and are as accurate as possible, ensuring that our customers are confident they will be receiving the same product that they saw online.

The shading of the PVC pipe might seem darker than the images that we used to have of our products. This does not represent a change in the products at all - it simply represents a change in the way the images are being taken and processed. They might appear darker because we make sure to use black card in the photographing process to prevent the edges of our products being undefined against the white background.

Any editing we do to these images is merely to make the background as white as possible and to get rid of any dust on the product - we do not change anything about the product itself. We merely strive to update our product images with those of a higher standard so that our customers can clearly see our products and know what to expect when they purchase them.

Our PVC category will soon be updated with all new product images. After that, we have a few more categories to get through!

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