Metric Plastic Pipe Clips

How many clips does your system need? Check out the Pipe Clip Spacing Guide in our technical section! You can also watch our YouTube video on deciding the spacing of your pipe clips!

Different Types of Pipe Clips (4mins) - Summary available at bottom of page


The main difference between our pipe clips is that some are plastic and some are rubber-lined steel. When deciding between the different pipe clips, one of the main factors to consider is the potential expansion and contraction of your pipe system.

Long systems of pipe, if gripped hard by a pipe clip, will bow in the middle during expansion and will pull on itself during constriction, putting stress on the system either way. Plastic pipe clips allow the pipe to move around somewhat when they grip it, thereby allowing for any expansion and contraction in long pipe systems. Rubber-lined steel pipe clips, however, grip the pipe hard, and so are not ideal for long systems, but are better in shorter, more complex ones. 
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