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Keep an Eye on Our Social Media Accounts for Important Updates and Helpful Information

If you want to be kept more up to date about the goings on of our company, make sure you follow us on social media!

We have Facebook and Twitter accounts, where we update our followers on new YouTube videos, weather conditions, and general information about our company and website. These accounts are also great ways to get in contact with us about anything unrelated to sales! You can let us know of any issues or suggestions you have, ask us where we are located, and anything else that might cross your mind - we are always happy to hear from you and help you however we can!

Additionally, we have our YouTube channel itself! This is a particularly valuable social media for us, as we like to update it weekly with new videos about our products and how they work, or for which purposes are which products best suited, or what the differences are between products that might seem very similar. If you are new to the plastic pipe industry, our channel can help you get to grips with the basics and allow for a quick expansion of knowledge! If you have been working in the industry for years, these videos can still be of use to you, because they are created by people who have years of experience as well and definitely know their stuff! Whether you need a quick refresher or a starting-from-scratch lesson, our YouTube channel is the perfect aid for you!

Our social media accounts are great for those of you who prefer to message or discover information about our company or products online, rather than phone in - but that doesn't mean you can't phone in if you want to! Our sales team would love to hear from you and give you any advice they can! Just call us at 01786 472850 and someone can give you the help you need!