Inch (Imperial) ABS Plain Fittings

ABS provides exceptional resistance to impact damage at temperatures as low as -40°C and up to 70°C.


Technical talk for metric pvc pipe

Tech Talk about Plain ABS Pipe Fittings


All our ABS plain fittings are rated as follows:

  • Pressure rating - 9 bar at 20 degrees Centigrade 
  • Recommended temperature limitations -40 to +60 degrees Centigrade
  • Colour - Light Grey
  • Manufacturing Standards:
    • BS5392 Part 1
    • ISO9001 Plant
    • Kit mark 60041
  • Assembly method - solvent cement
  • Chemical resistance charts are available in our technical section
  • Thermal expansion - The coefficient of linear expansion for ABS is 10.1
  • Approvals - All our ABS pipe and fittings are WRAS approved for use in drinking water systems

Compatibility of ABS with PVC Pipe Systems

We are often asked if ABS and PVC systems can be mixed together. Although technically, from a chemical compatibility standpoint, the two should not be combined, from a physical standpoint they can be connected to each other, albeit with reduced mechanical strength. If using ABS glue, the fittings can be cemented to PVC pipe and the joint will feel strong. Whilst such a joint will, in most cases, provide a water tight joint, it should be born in mind that there are no recommendations or guarantees for the strength of the bond. If operating at low pressures (for example less than 2-3 bar), this is unlikely to present an issue, but there will be increased risk of the joint becoming compromised at higher pressures. This can be offset a little as additional pipe clips and fixings are put in place, by preventing movement of the pipe.

Price Sensitivity

ABS is a more expensive material to use in systems than PVC. The latter tends to be the pipe material of choice for most systems, with ABS selected only when environmental conditions dictate that PVC is not suitable.