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Inch (Imperial) Grey PVC Fittings and Valves

Inch (also termed Imperial) pipe sizes ARE NOT size compatible with metric pipe systems, plumbing or waste pipe sizes.

Technical talk for imperial inch pvc pipe fittings

Tech Talk:Inch (Imperial) PVC Fittings and Valves


Plain Fittings - All our PVC pipe fittings are fully compatible with all other industrial PVC pipework. This is with the possible exception of union fittings, as some manufacturers use their own thread design for the union nut connector.

Threaded Fittings - All our fittings, like most PVC manufacturers, have BSP tapered threads; please note that these ARE NOT compatible with North American NPT threads. Please note however that our tank connectors/ bulkheads do not as they require a backnut to thread evenly along the full length. Male tapered threads are compatible with femal parallel and tapered threads. Female tapered threads are not compatible with male parallel threads. Please contact us for advice if you require to attach a male parallel thread into a female thread.

Ball Valves - Ball valves are not generally cross compatible from the point of view of taking the body out of one make, and replacing it with another make. Often the union threads are different and the body of the valve may also differ in length. If you need to replace a ball valve, our advice would be, if there is space, to cut the pipe and install a whole new valve.

Pressure Ratings

Unless otherwise stated (variations can apply to some PVC fittings of 8 inches and over), all fittings and valves have a minimum continuous pressure rating of 10 bar (147psi)


Our inch PVC fittings are all manufactured to ASTM and BS standards.