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UK stockists of Griffon PVC and ABS Pipe Jointing Products.

Griffon is part of the Bolton Adhesives group of companies (manufacturer of other brands such as Bostik, UHU and Bison) and has been manufacturing specialist PVC and ABS cements and cleaners for almost as long as PVC and ABS pipe have been used.

Griffon PVC and ABS solvent cements and pipe cleaner products conform to all relevant quality assurance marks, including WRAS (which gives approval for drinking water supplies in the UK), KIWA, KOMO, EN standards and where appropriate CE-marking.

The Griffon Range of PVC and ABS Solvent Cement Products.

All Griffon glue products are "thixotropic" which means that when under pressure (i.e. when the pipe and socket are pushed together) the cement becomes momentarily thinner, which enables it to flow into any voids or gaps in the Jointing before thickening up again and setting. This is sometimes referred to as "gap filling" and cements with this property are much preferred by professional pipefitters as there is less risk of joint leakage.


Uni-100 is a thixotropic PVC solvent weld cement which is ideal for everyday use. Recommended for pipes and fittings of all sizes, it is supplied in either a bottle, which has a brush attached to the cap, or a wide-necked tin. The bottle is recommended for pipe sizes up to 110mm or 4″ due to the small brush. For pipe sizes greater than 110mm or 4″ we recommend using the tin.

Griffon UNI-100 PVC cement is WRAS approved for potable water systems and a full MSDS sheet is available.

Uni-100 XT

Uni-100XT is a thixotropic PVC solvent weld cement identical to the UNI-100 above, except that it is formulated to be THF free and low VOC, and so preferred by some companies due to the potential health effects of working with THF and VOC-type chemicals.

Griffon UNI-100XT PVCU solvent cement is WRAS approved for drinking water and a full MSDS sheet is available.


WDF-05 is a faster setting cement than the UNI range. Setting speeds are typically three to four times as fast, making it ideal for system repairs. Due to the speed that the glue solidifies, the maximum recommended pipe size is 160mm or 6″. For this size of pipe it is also recommended that the cement is poured out of its bottle and into another container, where a larger brush size (2″) can be used.

Griffon WDF-05 Fast Setting PVCU solvent cement is WRAS and KIWA approved for drinking water supplies and a full MSDS sheet is available.


B-25 is Griffon's ABS solvent weld cement. Grey in colour, the ABS cement sets faster than PVC cements, and so installers must be sure to have everything marked up and correctly before making the joint. Once the ABS pipe and fitting are pushed together, there is a very short time period of less than 1 second in which the joint can be manipulated.

Griffon B-25 ABS solvent cement is WRAS and KIWA approved for drinking water supplies and a full MSDS sheet is available.


Griffon cleaner can be used for PVC, ABS and CPVC (Corzan) pipe. The small lid on top of the tin is designed to prevent spillages and overuse.

An MSDS sheet is available for Griffon Cleaner.