Plastic drainage pipe systems

The last ten years or so has seen a gradual fading out of pvc drainage pipe systems over 160mm. Some manufacturers have gone a step further and now limit their sizes to 110mm. This has been largely driven by the civils market which has changed over to twin wall, black polypropylene drainage pipe. We are, however, still often asked if we can get our hands on the old rubber seal and drainage type pipe systems..and we are now pleased to say that YES WE CAN!

We now supply a complete range of both pipes and fittings on our website up to 400mm in diameter. The drainage pipe is a thinner wall than pressure pipe and so as well as being lighter and easier to manhandle, it uses less material and so can be manufactured at a lower cost.

We offer two distinct ranges of plastic drainage pipe fittings. The first is a system of rubber ring seal fittings. These fittings have the advantages of being able to fit in wet conditions (as they do not require any solvent cement) and can also (admittedly with some cajoling!) be taken off and reused. Care should be taken when using rubber seal fittings above ground, as water pressure, and especially water hammer, caused by opening a valve and a rush of water flowing down the pipe, can cause the fittings to pop off. This most commonly occurs at elbows and branch tees. The way to stop this is to position a stay in the form of a post or a couple of concrete blocks behind the fitting. The second system is preferable for overground applications and is solvent cement welded. This means that once fitted it is permanent.

Please feel free to contact our sales office should you require any information on our drainage range.

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