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White "Furniture" or "Display" Grade Pipe & Fittings

These furniture / display grade pipe and fittings are ideal for construction projects such as pool furniture, garden and horticulture frames, protection shelters for items such as tools, quad bikes etc. as well as dog / pet beds and all type of racks and frames. The only limitation on the uses of this range is your imagination!

What makes these fittings different to normal PVC pipe and fittings is that:

  • Furniture pipe and fittings are manufactured with a formulation with added UV stabilizers that as well as increasing their life span outdoors, makes for a more ductile material. This makes them physically stronger and less likely to crack under physical pressure. With the exception of Snap Clamps which are UV stable for approx. 2 years. 
  • These parts and pipe are manufactured without any manufacturers markings on making them much more pleasing to the eye.
  • The sockets of furniture grade fittings are more extended than normal pressure sockets, which gives them additional support, as well as improved aesthetics.
  • The finish on furniture / display grade fittings is more glossy and protected from scratching during manufacture than standard PVC pipe.
These fittings, as well as being suitable for construction type projects, are manufactured to Schedule 40 pressure standards and so can also be used, like any normal PVC pressure pipe, although, especially on the more complex fittings, there are sometimes internal ledges that may interfere with flow rates.