Technical talk for metric pvc pipe

TechTalk about our CPVC Corzan Pipe and Fittings

What Is CPVC?

Corzan is a trade name for CPVC, where the "C" part of the abbreviation stands for "chlorinated". The PVC compound is put through a chlorination process which changes some of the properties. One of the main changes is that the melting temperature of the plastic is higher and so CPVC pipe and fittings can operate at a higher temperature than standard PVC.

How Do CPVC and PVC Differ?

The main difference that most people are interested in is the temperature range that CPVC can operate over. PVC has a maximum working temperature of 60 degrees Centigrade, but CPVC can be taken up to 90 degrees. There are also differences in chemical compatibility - full chemical compatibility charts are available in our technical section.

Inch and Metric Ranges

Our Corzan CPVC pipe and fittings are available in two ranges. The first is an imperial range, that is manufactured in the USA by Spears Manufacturing, and the second is metric, which is European and manufactured by Durapipe. Both systems are manufactured to all the required standards and specifications.