Company Name Plastic Pipe Shop Ltd
Registration Number SC445429
Office Address Unit 1
Craig Leith Road
VAT No. GB158103524
Phone +44 1786 472850
Email [email protected]
Managing Director Bob Bawden
Our Background

Plastic Pipe Shop Ltd has been in the business of supplying industrial plastic pipework to the UK and beyond for well over a decade. We pride ourselves in having staff that know the stuff inside out, so they can give you the best advice possible for your application. Most of our staff have been pipefitters (specialising in plastics such as PVC and ABS) in the past, and have a wealth of knowledge that they are ready and willing to pass on to you, so please don't be afraid to ask. We ship from several warehouses throughout the UK and our headquarters is based in our Stirling warehouse, where we store and ship most of our PVC pipe and fittings from.

Our ABS pipe systems, Corzan Pipe Systems and PVC Ventilation pipework are stored at other depots. These days, with the advent of national carriers that send everything to a central sorting hub, we are able to supply from any of our depots, next day, to over 97% of the UK. Run by people passionate about pipe and keeping customers happy...not accountants/shareholders! Whilst we have nothing at all against accountants, we have noticed a recent trend for the finance department of many companies having more and more say as to the amount of stock that can be held, in order to maximise profits and thus keep shareholders happy.

We are pleased to say that we are not such a company - we hold the pipe stock that we think we need to keep you happy, not our shareholders. If our customers ask us to source a product for them, that we don't normally supply, we will not only source it and then get it in, but also look at whether it is one we should be stocking so there will be less delay next time a customer asks for it.

Our Suppliers

We vet all our suppliers very carefully and try to visit their manufacturing plants on a regular basis. In addition to this, we also carry out random testing of pipes, fittings and valves to ensure quality is being maintained. The pipe and parts we supply are manufactured primarily in Europe or China. The days of "cheap" parts that are not to specification from China are just about gone, and where it is true to say that there are still some poorly manufactured products, there are also a lot of large companies that trade and are trusted internationally. These are the companies we work with and they all manufacture to very high standards and specifications, with often even more rigorous testing and quality control than many "Western" companies - just look and see where that new iPhone/flat screen TV or other device that you have just bought was made!

Our Ethics

As far as is possible where plastic pipe is concerned, we try to operate with a good ethical code. We will not knowingly supply parts for any illegal activity, or any activity that we think will bring discomfort to people or animals.

Our Environment

As a company we try to minimise our impact on the environment. This, of course, has to be done with the understanding that we are supplying a "plastic" product, but that doesn't have to stop us trying to be as resource friendly as possible. Over 90% of our waste is recycled, our offices are insulated to very high standards and all electricity usage is controlled in such a way that it is minimised. Our company vehicle policy is such designed to ensure we are using low emission cars and vans. If you would like more information about our company, please don't hesitate to contact us!